I've made up an ArcGis Storymap that had a ArcGis map placed in it. I have place markers with popup images and text. These all publish fine and are displayed with no problem in Chrome. All other browsers only display the text and an image icon but not the

08-18-2020 09:55 PM
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the link to my storymap is:

ArcGIS StoryMaps 

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Looks like your question got cut off, but I think you're referring to the images in the pop-ups, is that correct?

For me, the images are not showing up in any browser in the pop-up. There's a possible you might be seeing them because you are logged into the Google account where they are coming from.

The links you have used to link to the images do not appear to be valid links for embedding an image in another page. For example, one of the links looks like this, which is not a valid public link. You'll need to find a public link to use in your pop-ups. 




Owen Evans
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Thanks for that info. I had made the original map up with pins and pop-up images in google my maps and so when I imported a kml from that map into arcgis to make one for storymap I think it took a lot of the google addresses for the images but wouldn't display them.

I got around this in the end by removing the above map and just actually embedding the whole Google mymap version on the storymap and it seems to work fine now with three separate browsers.

Thanks again,


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