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How to change color scheme of original on-line map for use in my storymap

08-10-2023 10:04 AM
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Hi, I am creating a storymap to embed in a joint USDAFS/University website. I would like to use an existing map of wilderness areas in the United States, created by our university affiliates, and overlay my organization's project locations. However, the color scheme of the original map is too vivid for our purposes--the wilderness area polygons compete with the project markers I'm creating, so that the whole map seems to be an inaccessible mess. Is there a way to change the color scheme of the on-line map so that that changes only appear on my storymap?

I'm accessing this comment thread through my USFS ArcGIS Online Account but creating the StoryMap using my University account. You can view the original on-line map with context here:


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Hi @ALWRIComms!

As far as I know, there is no way to change map symbology only for your application. However, you can easily create a new map with the colors you prefer utilizing the same feature service from Wilderness Connect. This will be the easiest way to customize your map, and any changes that Wilderness Connect makes to the data will be reflected in your map. You'll also be adding your own features (project areas) so you'll need your own map anyways.

Let me know if you need any further assistance! I'd love to see the final product 😊

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Create a new map and search for Wilderness Area Feature Layer and then try to change the color of your legend as shown below. You can also add bookmark with different color and area. This changes appears in your own story map.









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