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05-14-2021 07:57 AM
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Hi, community,

This summer, I'm walking the length of the river that flows through the valley where I live, in Idaho. Along the way, I'm compiling stories on the historical, cultural, and ecological connections the river makes as it flows from the mountains to the plains. To share small snippets of the journey as I walk, I've decided to use ESRI story mapping.

While on the hunt for something not related to my project, I came across this webpage on National Geographic: It looks to me like this is a Story Map, but one that is living on the webpage instead of embedded into it.

I love this approach, and while I'm aware that my own resources certainly don't match those of National Geographic, I'm wondering if anyone can tell — is this a completely custom solution they've built that acts just like a Story Map, or is there a way to host/build Story Maps directly into a website?

Thanks in advance for any insights on this!

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@BigWoodRiver - It does appear that story is a custom app developed using the ArcGIS API for JavaScript and content from the ArcGIS Living Atlas.

However, you can easily create similar experiences in ArcGIS StoryMaps (without the need for any coding skills!) using a sidecar block and a technique we call map choreography. For more info see Choreograph your maps with ArcGIS StoryMaps (

Once you create a story, you can embed it in your own website if you want more control over the header, URL, or overall page. For more on embedding see Take your stories and collections anywhere by embedding them (

Owen Evans
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