GPS failure in storymaps for Android users

07-07-2022 12:11 AM
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Here's the story about the GPS in the new storymaps
For several landscape organizations (Het Drentse Landschap, Groninger Landschap and IJssellandschap) we use the new storymaps for the routes. 
When using the Current Location function in the Sidecar or Kaarttour (maptour) I notice the following. With the iphone X it works fine, with Motorola (Android) it works fine 1 time and then the position is not updated. Whatever I try, pressing more often, nothing helps!
It seems that Android + Chrome does not refresh your position. Iphone + Safari does this.
If you run the app Komoot (which is a German route app) in the background, it does work on your Android device. Komoot apparently takes care of refreshing the new position.
See several examples where the current position was used:
Oermens beleefroute
Schiedam Citytours
Asser city loopjes
I tested with: 
  • Apple iphone XR (2020) iOS 15.5 with Safari as browser (2022)
  • Motorola Moto G pro (2021) Android 12 as browser (2022)
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