Google Analytics tag firing twice?

09-03-2021 04:57 PM
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Hi there, we recently published this story map and have been tracking its performance using Google Analytics. We entered our GA tracking ID in the Story Settings GUI as we have in the past. However, after noticing some odd tracking stats, our digital ops team reports that it looks like the GA tag is firing twice, which they think could explain the unusual bounce rate, time on site, and PPS. 

Do you know what could be going wrong?

Would love to solve it somehow. Thanks!



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@MartySchnure -- We looked into this and we didn't see anything that appears unexpected. The "Global Site Tag" appears to be a common API call that many Google services use. The second "Google Analytics" API call is the one that actually sends the stats.

I'm not sure about the odd stats you are seeing, but if that continues you can have a more detailed conversation with Esri Technical Support about the specific things you are seeing and how they might be different from what you're expecting.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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