Full Length Textbook?

02-20-2023 10:24 AM
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I'm curious if anyone has converted a full length textbook into a series of StoryMaps?

I have an open source geography textbook (https://sites.google.com/site/gravesgeography/) and an accompanying lab manual - but I think if I do a third edition - or write another textbook, that it would be better as a large Story Map.     I'm looking to engage "subject specific pedagogy"  by making the textbook media echo the overall message that 'geography is a way of thinking and doing research'.


Any suggestions would be most welcome!




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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your inquiry! Although I don't recall seeing a full-length textbook in the form of ArcGIS StoryMaps, such a thing is entirely feasible. As you may know, ArcGIS StoryMaps includes a "collections" feature that lets you aggregate a series of ArcGIS StoryMaps stories, along with other content, including PDFs, into a single page. It's easy to create, refine, and update collections.

Here are a couple of blog posts about Collections: "These ArcGIS StoryMaps collections will inspire you"  features links to a series of collections grouped by category, the first of which is "story books." No textbooks, but it won't take much of a mental leap to see how a textbook could be featured this way.

"Enhance your collections with design options and more" goes into more detail about how you can refine collections in terms of layout, branding, logos, etc.

I hope this is helpful, and that you'll create and publish your textbook as a collection. If you do, please let us know!

Allen Carroll | Program Manager, Storytelling | acarroll@esri.com

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Thanks Allen!

That's exactly the information I need to hear.   "Feasible".   Maybe I'll try one chapter and see how it goes.  If my students like it, then I'll add others.   I think it would be a far more rich learning environment - and more appropriate for a geography course.

Two more questions:

Is there a cost/fee?  My university certainly has credits.. but I thought maybe there would be a charge if the story map got huge.

Is there any danger of the 'textbook' being eliminated or 'timed out' after so many years?


Thanks again!


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I found that some of my StoryMaps were getting too large and where suffering performance issues. I started to break them up into smaller sections and have wrapped them up in a collection.

Turnpikes around Hampshire, England (arcgis.com)

There is still a lot of research to do and adding to the maps, to complete the work.

However, I think it is similar to your thoughts.

It also fits with the idea of one chapter at a time. Unfinished chapters could just show as item unavailable.



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Thanks Ivan for the tip.  I think it might take a while to figure out what works and what does not and how far I can push the system.

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