Enable StoryMaps for Offline Use

12-22-2022 11:46 AM
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Our client isn't able to reliably use StoryMaps for presentations because wifi is often slow or unreliable.

As nice as StoryMaps look, the application becomes unusable when videos and data fail to load. 

The client now prefers PowerPoint presentations because of this limitation.  They want to know if ESRI can make StoryMaps offline capable, where you can export a self-contained file with all needed content? 

If not for all parts of the StoryMap, then at least for images, videos, and express maps?  

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Hello @sofoo ,

At the minute, the offline option we offer is to use the Print option and save the story as a PDF. While videos would not save in PDF format, the images and express maps should keep their visual quality when saved to a file (note the express maps would not be displaying any pop-ups).

If this does not satisfy your client's presentation needs for their story, I'd recommend you submit this idea on the ArcGIS StoryMaps Ideas page so the idea can be considered for future releases.

Thanks for bringing up this use case,


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I've submitted it as an idea, thank you!

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