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Disabling Zoom on Guided Tour Story Map

02-23-2021 10:08 AM
New Contributor

I'm working on a guided tour style Story Map for a citizen science project to highlight specific animals sightings and stories from the citizen scientists. I currently have it media focused, so a video or photos of the animals from the sighting displays in the larger panel, with a map with 10 points in the smaller panel.

Because the animals are fairly rare to see, the leaders of the organization that runs the citizen science project don't want viewers to be able to zoom in on the map to see exactly where the animals were spotted because they're afraid people will flood those locations and it'll hurt the animals. I was wondering if there's any way to disable the zoom buttons in the guided tour function, or if anyone has any suggestions for how to prevent people from being able to see the specific location of the sightings.

I've set the scope of the map fairly wide, so viewers would have to zoom in a lot to see the location of the sighting, but it's still possible.

Thanks so much!

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