ArcGIS Blog - Celebrating diversity with 'dots on a map'

09-18-2019 09:54 AM
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This ESRI blog post from Allen Carroll features a custom story map application with some neat new features. In the blog Allen says:

We think accessing a selection of people, points of interest, or other items via a map is a useful storytelling tool—even though the result doesn’t present a sequential narrative in the conventional sense. Do you agree? We’d like to hear from you.

I am here to say, yes! Our organization sometimes wants exactly what this custom app is offering - a simple, compact app driven by a single map for highlighting success projects, places, etc, with no sequential scrolling. Would love to to see these features implemented into the new story maps builder, particularly the right-hand window with the entries/info that can be opened via search, scrolling, or by clicking the map - and how you can group them. Taking it a step further - would love to see the bookmarks on the bottom left be able to filter down the points as well, or have an option for using a dropdown list in place of a freetype "Search" for filtering purposes.

While I personally really like the idea of the new story map platform and keeping all the functionality within a single builder - sometimes we would like to be able to drop the sequential narrative, disable the header and create something akin to this or the older Shortlist and Tour templates.


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