Include a library of content in new StoryMaps

03-03-2020 01:17 PM
Status: Implemented
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When you wanted to upload an image in the old version of the StoryMaps it would open a library of content and you could choose to add an image from your ArcGIS content, from the content in the StoryMap you are editing, or locally.

In the new StoryMaps, this library of content doesn't exist and you can only upload an image locally from your computer. Is it possible to add this content library to the new StoryMaps?

Status changed to: Under Consideration

We have a few enhancements in the works related to other ways to bring images into ArcGIS StoryMaps planned for 2022.

Also, please know that you can always copy the URL from the item page of a publicly shared image from your content and add it to a StoryMaps using the link option. For more information, see Adding and using photos and images in ArcGIS Online (

Status changed to: Open

@DebsGray -- In yesterday's update to ArcGIS StoryMaps a new tab was added to the media browser that lets you reuse images that have already been added to your story. Here's a video: Reuse an Image in a Story - YouTube

See the What's new post and the release notes for more detail about what's been added to ArcGIS StoryMaps this month.

I'm going to mark this idea as implemented; however, I see you had several other ideas in this post. If you are still interested in other enhancements you mentioned above, please submit a new idea.

Status changed to: Implemented