Specifying a field value to use in Zonal Statistics as Table, or alternative approach?

11-12-2021 02:26 AM
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Hi there

I have a 16 bit raster which has an attribute table with several numerical fields (density of several invasive species).

I would like to to run the Zonal Statistics as Table GP tool to extract the average density of various invasive species for each of our reserves. Unfortunately, when running this tool, a user cannot specify which attribute field to use in this GP tool. The tool uses the default value field. 

I am guessing there is no simple workaround? The Tabulate Areas GP tool only considers categorical classes, so it is not an option (and not the ideal output).

I suspect the way forward would be to create individual rasters from each of the attribute field names. And then use these in the Zonal Stats as Table tool.  This sounds simple but i can't find a tool to do so.  Any advice? 

Thank you. 

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I did some homework and found the Lookup GP tool easily creates new rasters based on any of the fields in the attribute table. 


Would still be great if the Zonal Statistics and Table tool could let the user specify the input field sometime in the future :-).