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04-30-2020 09:22 AM
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I have two sets of line or the same data as polygons, some long and a few shorts, I want a single output that combines add the shorts to the longs.

Shorts can only be combined once, Longs may have many shorts connected to them

Some shorts nay not be close enough to any long.

To re-ask the question I have two polyline files.

one is 84,171 records the other is 4,944 records. All or street segments.

When I am done I want a single feature class of the same 84,171 records, but with the 4,944 records added to a connecting, or a bisecting record. I believe that all 4,944 records either touch or cross with one of the other records within 2 feet.

I am starting with polylines,  but if the solution is to buffer the lines and combine polygons, that will not hurt the larger project.

I know that snapping will work, but, in moving the lines  the snapped lines become to severely miss drawn. Streets no longer cross at 90 degrees and slant in ways that cause more confusion.

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I think this might have been better place in Geoprocessing‌ assuming you are working with vector data and not raster (aka, the Spatial Analyst‌ extension).

I really sounds like you want to just get the two files together... merge to a new featureclass

Merge (Data Management)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation 

anything else runs the risk of disrupting the associated attributes.  If some of the resultant polylines belong to the same road, you can run a Dissolve to combine features based on a common attribute (eg street name)

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