Lead Service Line Inventory - Data Loading

09-30-2022 01:19 PM
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Hi, I am trying to create a data loading workspace for the ArcGIS Lead Service Line Inventory Solution. However,  I am seeing the message "An output was not created due to no matches being found in the Source to Target Mapping parameter." No output files are produced. 

Does anyone know why this might be?

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Hard to say without seeing your input parameters. I'm assuming it's fixed by now anyway.

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I thought this was a good product until I saw it has been ignored in 10.9.1 and only has version 1 for  Enterprise.  Enterprise 11 and AGO is at version 3...You are leaving us all in the dust while you speed on your way to to the future that many of your long-standing clients can't get to with compatibility and "not-supported" 3rd party products that the City is stuck with across many departments...Police, HR, Fire, Code Enforcement, Community Development, 4 Utilities, Engineering, etc., etc., etc.

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The documentation is incorrect and we will need to update ASAP. Enterprise 10.9.1 had version 2.0. Thank you for catching this.

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