ArcGIS Solution - Park Locator - How to push custom Attribute Fields to AGOL?

04-08-2020 06:50 AM
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Hey everyone,

I am currently trying to deploy an ArcGIS Solution for a Park Locator.

In ArcGIS Pro, I created new attribute fields for several different park attributes. When I attempt to append these to the ArcGIS Solution feature layer, the new attribute fields do not get pushed to the ArcGIS Online layers although the append was successful.

Some of these attributes do get pushed, such as Facility Name, which uses existing attribute fields from the Solution.

Any tips on how I can get these new attribute fields to push to AGOL?


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Hi Joshua,

An alternate option is to go your feature service in AGOL and go to the Data tab.  There is a Fields view option, click it.  There should be Add option and you are able to add new attribute fields.


Hope this helps you.

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by Anonymous User
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Hi Josh,

The Append tool won't add fields to the ParkRecreationFacilities layer, it will simply populate existing fields with attributes.

If you'd like to add fields to the ParkRecreationFacilities layer and populate them with attributes, you'll need to add the desired fields to the feature layer in ArcGIS Online, then use the Append tool to populate them with attributes.

In ArcGIS Online, navigate to the ParkRecreationFacilities item page and then follow these instructions for adding the fields you want:

To populate the fields, run the Append tool again, using the field map to match up the desired fields.

If you have other questions, please feel free to reach out, either here, or to me directly at



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