ArcGIS Credential Profile Task Not Working

11-23-2020 02:30 AM
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Hi all,

When I try and configure either the Fusion Center or the Multisource Data Feeds I get to the step "Create ArcGIS Credential Profile".  I enter the url, username, password, enter some text for the profile name and it bombs says it can't connect to my organisation url.  

What am I doing wrong?  Am I missing something obvious?

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Hi Liam, I'd be happy to assist if you're still having issues. Please reach out to me at



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@SethDocherty-Solutions and I created Fusion Center and would be willing to help troubleshoot this problem. I feel like there is something else happening here if both tools have failed for you. If you have time to meet please reach out and we would be willing to help. If you want to try and re-download the package and run the tool again that would be a good start. 

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