Special Event Operations - Define number of resources available, and notify users if those are exceeded

06-14-2022 01:27 PM
Status: Open
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I am working with some colleagues to deploy the Special Event Operations solution. We're excited about it so far, but have an idea for an additional functionality. We would like to be able to define the quantities of resources available to us, and get a notification on the Site or Operations maps if those are exceeded. 

An example would be if we were creating an operations map for an event, and knew we had 25 barricades available for street closures. If we had 25 barricades on the map, and attempted to add a 26th, we would be unable to do so and see an error/notification/splash screen, or something similar. The same could go for ambulances, K9 units, etc.

Our current attempt at this involves using infographics with indicators, but it would be preferable to have this as a built-in functionality.


Hi Megan,

Just noticed this post.  Would be more than happy to hear more from you about what you are doing with the event solution as we look to update in the future jlindemann@esri.com.

As far as notifications on the number of resources.   You could create a dashboard that would have indicators on how many.  You could have a filter dropdown to filter by event.  You would have to check this periodically.

Another option a bit deeper if you wanted automatic feedback is to setup webhooks





You could also extend the Site Map or Operations Map web app builder applications by adding the Info Summary widget: https://doc.arcgis.com/en/web-appbuilder/latest/create-apps/widget-info-summary.htm


Thanks @JeremiahLindemann , good ideas. I am definitely interest in the "automatic feedback" route, but rather than a webhook that sends an email, I'm thinking more along the lines of the limit being part of the physical point-and-click interaction of creating features.

So, if a group of us from GIS, Police, and Fire are sitting in a conference room together creating an event plan and know we can have one ambulance available for an event, that would be pre-defined. Then, if there was one ambulance was placed on the map we would not be able to add another. Like it would be greyed out in the "create features" tab or something.