Attribute Assistant - Intersecting Feature Additional Options

08-25-2016 02:35 PM
Status: Open
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Using Attribute Assistant Intersecting Feature method to populate target polygon feature field from another source polygon feature layer.  I was assuming the Intersecting Feature method was using the centroid of the target polygon feature to get the field info from the source polygon, but found that it using the "intersect feature" and not "centroid."  This is causing the target polygon layer to acquire values when the polygon does not have an underlying source polygon, but touches the edge or an underlying polygon.  Please add option(s) to the Intersecting Feature method to allow using centroid of target feature.  Better yet, add most if not all of the "Select by Location" options found in that tool for the type of intersection to perform.

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Kirk Hayer‌ Have you updated to the March 2017 version of Attribute Assistant?

See the What's New section here where it describes: "An enhancement to the Intersecting Feature method, which adds additional search methods to prompt for the start and end of the line or centroid." 

Attribute Assistant | ArcGIS Solutions 

Does that help your work?