Infographics for Fire Accreditation Analysis

11-30-2022 06:35 AM

Infographics for Fire Accreditation Analysis

The Fire Accreditation Analysis Solution contains an ArcGIS Pro project that creates several supporting documents for the accreditation process.  One of these documents can be an Infographic as part of task step 2A.7 in the ArcGIS Pro project.  When upgrading to Pro 3.0.2, a slight change occurred on how these infographics are shared.  To access the Fire District Infographic referenced, complete the following steps:


We would also welcome any further feedback on infographics that could be useful to you in the accreditation process.  For instance, are there more variables supporting EMS calls that deserve a separate infographic?  we could potentially share more infographics with the community in this same way. 



In version 2.0 (Nov 2023) of the Fire Accreditation Analysis Solution, we updated the infographic and changed the way its accessed within the ArcGIS Pro project.

Now when you deploy Fire Accreditation Analysis, a report template is added to your Contents for use within the ArcGIS Pro project. If you have version 2.0 deployed, you no longer need to join the group mentioned above. 

To access the Fire District Profile infographic: 

  • Open the Fire Accreditation Analysis ArcGIS Pro project. 
  • Navigate to the 2A.7 (Identify socio-economic, demographic, employment infographics) and select an area of interest or planning zone.
  • In the Template parameter at the top of the Infographic window, scroll to the bottom and expand My Templates.
  • Select Fire District Profile.
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