How to use the enterprise Geodatabase featureclass metadata in ArcGIS Server Javascript API application?

04-22-2016 01:59 AM
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Dear all, I have my enterprise geodatabase in sql server DB. I have created the mapservice with 36 layers in one service. Now i want to use the background metadata in my web application. How can i use each layer metadata in my application beside each layer? See the example images, in first image we can see beside each layer there is a Info link to view the metadata and in the second image is showing the metadata page by clicking the Info link. Please suggest me the right way. thanks.

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 Dear Muqit Zoarder, I am also looking for same approach. If possible can you share any references regarding approach to do this, if you got solution? It will be grateful if you share workaround sample.

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Muqit & SriHarsha,

Metadata of a service or a particular layer can be retrieved by the typical rest service calls to your service.

For example, the below is a call to service that returns metadata in json format for the service itself.
Service URL: 

Metadata call: 

Here it returns metadata for a particular layer.
URL to a Layer: 

Metadata of a Layer: