ESRI Printing service not able print ArcGIS JS API 3.33 RasterLayer

09-15-2020 03:21 AM
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I am trying to Print map where the layer in the web application is a RasterLayer

The slider in the web app mask's the RasterLayer.

I am using ArcGIS JS API 3.33

Following is the code smaple

NOTE: To run the sample you would need to update the printing service URL at line number 127

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
<meta name="viewport" content="initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no">
<title>Raster Layer with Pixel Filter</title>

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<link rel="stylesheet" href="">

html, body, #map
width: 100%;
height: 100%;
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
background-color: #000;
color: #FFF;
border: solid 1px #FFF;
-moz-border-radius: 5px;
-webkit-border-radius: 5px;
border-radius: 5px;
padding: 3px;
position: absolute;
right: 10px;
bottom: 10px;
z-index: 99;
-moz-border-radius: 6px;
-webkit-border-radius: 6px;
border-radius: 6px;
background-color: #FFF;
padding: 8px;
height: 90px;
width: 50%;
margin: 0 auto;
padding: 15px;
position: absolute;
bottom: 20px;
left: 20px;
z-index: 30;

/* make all dijit buttons the same width */
.dijitButton .dijitButtonNode, #drawingWrapper, #printButton {
width: 160px;

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

// "dojo/parser",
// "dojo/dom",
// "dojo/dom-construct",

"esri/toolbars/draw", "esri/dijit/Print",
"esri/layers/ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer", "esri/layers/ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer",
"esri/symbols/SimpleMarkerSymbol", "esri/symbols/SimpleLineSymbol",
"esri/symbols/SimpleFillSymbol", "esri/graphic",
"dojo/_base/array", "esri/Color", "dojo/parser",
"dojo/query", "dojo/dom", "dojo/dom-construct",
"dijit/form/CheckBox", "dijit/form/Button",

"dijit/layout/BorderContainer", "dijit/layout/ContentPane", "dojo/domReady!"
], function(

domUtils, on, registry, RasterLayer, Extent,
SpatialReference, HorizontalSlider, RangeSlider, HorizontalRule, HorizontalRuleLabels,
ImageServiceParameters, MosaicRule, RasterFunction, DimensionalDefinition,

Draw, Print,
ArcGISTiledMapServiceLayer, ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer,
SimpleMarkerSymbol, SimpleLineSymbol,
SimpleFillSymbol, Graphic,
arrayUtils, Color, parser,
query, dom, domConstruct,
CheckBox, Button
) {
var currentMin, currentMax;
var rasterUrl = "";

//set up slider
var slider = registry.byId("pixelSlider");

var initExtent = new Extent(-130, -68, 150, 68, new SpatialReference(4326));
var map = new Map("map", {
extent: initExtent,
basemap: "gray"

var printer = new Print({
map: map,
}, dom.byId("printButton"));

var sliderMin = -3; //min sea surface temp of -3 deg C
var sliderMax = 37; //max sea surface temp of 37 deg C
slider.minimum = sliderMin;
slider.maximum = sliderMax;
slider.value = [sliderMin, sliderMax];

// hook up slider events
slider.on("mouseup", setPixelFilter);
slider.on("change", setPixelFilter);

//set up slider labels
var sliderLabels = new HorizontalRuleLabels({
container: "bottomDecoration",
labels: [sliderMin.toFixed(0).toString(), sliderMax.toFixed(0).toString()]
}, domConstruct.create("div", {}, dom.byId("pixelLabels")));

//set up blue to red color ramp inside array
var colorRamp = [];
for (var i = 0; i < 256; i++) {
colorRamp.push( [i, 30, 255 - i] );

* This image service has multiple dimensions including depth and time.
* If you are only interested in viewing temperatures at a specific time
* and at a specific depth, use dimensional definisions

var dim = []; //define dimensional definition as array
//DEPTH: show only temperatures at sea surface
dim.push(new DimensionalDefinition({
variableName: "water_temp",
dimensionName: "StdZ", //water depth
values: [0], //sea surface or 0ft
isSlice: true
//TIME: only show temperatures for the week of April 7, 2014
dim.push(new DimensionalDefinition({
"variableName": "water_temp",
"dimensionName": "StdTime", //time temp was recorded
"values": [1396828800000], //Week of April 7, 2014
"isSlice": true

var defaultMosaic = {};
defaultMosaic.multidimensionalDefinition = dim;
var params = new ImageServiceParameters();
params.mosaicRule = new MosaicRule(defaultMosaic);

//the service has a default "Stretched" function and a "None" function, we want original data "None"
var rf = new RasterFunction();
rf.functionName = "None";
params.renderingRule = rf;

//Define the raster layer and add to map
var rasterLayer = new RasterLayer(rasterUrl, {
opacity: 1,
pixelFilter: maskPixels,
imageServiceParameters: params

rasterLayer.on("update-start", function () {"status"));
rasterLayer.on("update-end", function () {

// The pixel filter
function maskPixels(pixelData) {
if (pixelData == null || pixelData.pixelBlock == null) {
if (currentMin === undefined || currentMax === undefined) {
var pixelBlock = pixelData.pixelBlock;
var pixels = pixelBlock.pixels;
var mask = pixelBlock.mask;
var numPixels = pixelBlock.width * pixelBlock.height;
var minVal = rasterLayer.bands[0].min;
var maxVal = rasterLayer.bands[0].max;
var factor = 255.0 / (maxVal - minVal);
if (pixels == null) {
var p1 = pixels[0];
var pr = new Uint8Array(p1.length); //set up array for red values
var pg = new Uint8Array(p1.length); //set up array for green values
var pb = new Uint8Array(p1.length); //set up array for blue values

if (mask == null) {
mask = new Uint8Array(p1.length); //mask = new Uint8Array(p1.length);
pixelBlock.mask = mask;
var p = [];
//if pixel value lies between slider min and max, display it (set value to 1)
//if not, don't display it (set the value to 0)
for (var i = 0; i < numPixels; i++) {
mask = (p1 >= Math.floor(currentMin) && p1 <= Math.floor(currentMax)) ? 1 : 0;

//apply color based on temperature value of each pixel
if (mask) {
p = Math.floor((p1 - minVal) * factor);
pr = colorRamp[p][0]; //red
pg = colorRamp[p][1]; //green
pb = colorRamp[p][2]; //blue

pixelData.pixelBlock.pixels = [pr, pg, pb]; //assign rgb values to each pixel
pixelData.pixelBlock.statistics = null;
pixelData.pixelBlock.pixelType = "U8";

//Redraw raster layer and dynamically change text on slider move
function setPixelFilter() {
var val = slider.get("value");
currentMin = Math.floor(val[0]);
currentMax = Math.floor(val[1]);
if (val) {
dom.byId("pixelVal").innerHTML = "Currently displaying locations with sea temperatures from " + currentMin + "°C to " + currentMax + "°C";
else {
dom.byId("pixelVal").innerHTML = "Currently displaying all temperatures.";

<body class="claro">
<div id="map" >
<div id="printButton"></div>
<div id="status">
<div id="footer" class="shadow">
<span style='font-weight: 600; font-size: 130%;' id='elevSpan'>Sea Surface Temperature (°C) on April 7, 2014</span><br><br>
<div id='pixelVal'></div>
<div id="pixelSlider" data-dojo-type="dojox/form/HorizontalRangeSlider" data-dojo-props="showButtons:'false', intermediateChanges:'false', slideDuration:'0'">
<div data-dojo-type="dijit/form/HorizontalRule"></div>
<div id="pixelLabels"></div>


Following is how the app looks like:

The printing result looks like following:

Notice the threshold applied for masking values in the web application are not acknowledged by the print service.

Any suggestions would be really helpful.

Thank you.

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