GraphicsLayer Redraw Issue

05-20-2014 08:11 AM
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Has anyone seen problems with GraphicsLayers not redrawing after longer periods of time (~15 minutes)?

We have an application that puts route graphics on the map for navigation purposes.  When a long route is travelled, the GPS unit moves many times across the route graphic.  Often times after 10-15 minutes we'll see the route graphic disappear for a stretch of road, then it eventually comes back about 30 seconds later.  When this happens it really seems like the graphics layer didn't redraw over certain tiles.  Then panning far enough off the map grabs enough new tiles for the graphics layer to redraw - putting the route back on the map.

An example image is attached.  (Don't mind the GPS direction - it's actually going SE.  This simulator doesn't have heading data).  In this instance I stopped the simulator, and the route didn't redraw for 5+ minutes.  I could pan around this immediate area, and the route would not come back.  Once I panned far enough down the route to need more tiles, the route came back.

Any insight would be helpful to track this down.  It really feels like an Esri redraw issue, so I'm not sure there's much we can do on our side?
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Haven't seen this behavior before. Can you reproduce that issue in another app?
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