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07-11-2012 08:53 PM
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I've setup a geoprocessing package that outputs a word document and have this working correctly, however the virtual output directory does not seem to work correctly, so I have the gp process with the following output paramater:

{  "paramName": "Document_Output",  "dataType": "GPDataFile",  "value": {    "url": "http://localhost.:50001/outputdir/infiltrationreport/output/_ags_Document1.docx"  }}
However when I navigate to that directory it says the URL directory was not found? I can see in the messages it outputs the file here:


So, I can get the file, but the link between the virtual directory and this file is not there? Do I need to manually setup the ArcGIS Runtime output directory? or what is another way I can automate the download of this file?
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Has there been any response or resolution to this?  I have the same problem processing an output txt file for driving directions/routing. 2_Directions48.txt cannot be found, even though each request generates a new file which I can find in the file system.

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