ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Editor buggy behaviour when using touch events

08-26-2014 01:40 PM
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Hello folks,

I have been working on a project recently that involved the integration of a map component in a WPF application. This application is designed to run on tablet with a GPS device.  I used ArcGIS runtime for WPF 10.2.3.

The application allows users to have a map with a cache and graphic layer. The graphic layer contains a point that represents the location of a mail box contractors will have to install. The user fills in a form that contains information about the future mail box, and then they open a map control to get the coordinates. The mailbox location is first set using the GPS location. Then the user can move the point on the tablet, the app fetches the snapped location of the mail box on the road network, and then clicks the button Save. Then, the map component is closed and returns the location of the mail box to the main WPF application.

In order to move the point, I am using the class ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Editor. I have noticed that the editor is buggy on tablet when working with touch event. If the user moves a point on the map, then the rest of my button outside of the map control become inaccessible.  It looks like my application freezes.

If I want to click on my Save button, I need to first touch the map and pan or move on it. That will allow me to use again any component that is not on the map. This is a very weird behavior. Even weirder, if I touch the tablet outside of the map and move my finger after moving a point, the map still moves around. It looks like moving a point using a touch event with the Editor add some kind of additional layer in the WPF application.

This is not a blocking issue for my application but I am still curious to know if someone encountered similar issues with the Editor, and how they overcame it. The user’s life will be much simpler if there is a way to solve that issue. Note that this issue is specific to using the tablet with touch events (i.e. simply using your fingers, no mouse). As soon as I use a mouse, the Editor and the application work like a charm. I have attached a screenshot for people to see where the buttons are located and what I mean by moving your finger outside of the map component.

Any help is appreciated



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Sorry to hear you are encountering issues. We made a number of fixes for touch-based interaction throughout the 10.2.X series of releases but it sounds like there may be still be one or more issues in some scenarios. Please submit a bug report through your distributor with a focussed reproducer and we will investigate.



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