Runtime 100.2.1 32 bit deployment for sdk application

09-17-2018 09:08 AM
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Hi, my company has developed an app using the 100.2.1 runtime with the Qt SDK, and need to deploy a build for a 32-bit Windows device.  I've read the release notes this version at Release notes for 100.2.1—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Qt | ArcGIS for Developers and saw that:

Version 100.2 is the last release to support:


Windows 32-bit support for Qt. Customers who require Windows 32-bit support for ArcGIS Runtime SDK 100.2 for Qt will need to request it by sending an email to

I've also read this thread on geonet by another developer who appears to have the same issue: 

My question is, the above note is referring to deployment support, correct?  I'm developing on 64 bit system, but I'm assuming I'll need these libraries to install our app since the esri runtime dlls I include in my deployment folders are x64-specific.  I've already sent an email to the above address, I just wanted to clarify that I'm diagnosing my issue correctly. 

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This is regarding building & linking against 32-bit libraries and deploying to a 32-bit system (regardless if your dev machine is 32 or 64 bit). We received your request and are reviewing now. If you could send an additional email with some details about what your app does, business justification, and your plan (if any) to migrate these deployments from 32-bit to 64-bit, that would be helpful.



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Hi Lucas,

Our company is providing several apps for municipal and other state agencies. Users record location data and take surveys of structures to ascertain compliance to federal regulations. Only one of these apps requires use of 32-bit libraries. Users operate the application on mobile equipment and use a button-based UI to record data about obstructions and obstacles. The 32-bit dlls are crucial because key collection sensors rely on 32-bit drivers for hardware that cannot be easily reimplemented to 64-bit. This hardware includes accelerometers and gyroscopes used to log data about slope, speed, and changes in the terrain. These drivers are maintained by one of our partner companies.

As far as migrating the deployment of the 32-bit app – because this particular software is a joint-effort with another company, the timeframe would be contingent on our partners’ ability to upgrade their systems. We have heard that there is now a 64 bit driver available that they are looking into see if it works on the equipment, but it is going to take some time to test and implement and we need to get this app in production ASAP with the current hardware for a project starting next week. On our end, making a 64-bit build of this application would be inconsequential.


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