How can I use an application on offline?

11-09-2020 11:04 PM
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I created the Application for Qt.

I want to use this App on offline, but I don't know how.

I want my app to look like this

 :similar to Navigation App, but there is no destination.

 :simple motion, using a Latitude and Longitude to move.

 :stand-alone Application. (It's never going to be online.)

 :can see the map, when launch the app. 

 :can move symbols even when offline.

 :the map is loaded from the local directory.

How can I create an App like this one? And What kind of license do I need?

If It can't, at least tell me how to load the map offline from the local directory and use Latitude and Longitude to display the symbols.


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Hi Wada Takumi‌,

If you need to display an Offline Map, one way to do it is to create a MobileMapPackage in ArcGISPro which contains the base map and features that you need. You can then open the Mobile Map Package in Runtime - see this sample for an example of that workflow: arcgis-runtime-samples-qt/ArcGISRuntimeSDKQt_CppSamples/Maps/OpenMobileMap_MapPackage at master · Es... 

If you don't have access to ArcGIS Pro then you can download an offline map from ArcGIS Online (or your own portal) - see this sample for an example of that approach: arcgis-runtime-samples-qt/ArcGISRuntimeSDKQt_CppSamples/Maps/GenerateOfflineMap at master · Esri/arc... 

To display positions using Latitude and Longitude you can create a Point supplying an x, y position at a SpatialReference of wgs84 (note the static method that will create this for you). Also take care that you pass Latitude and Longitude in the right order: Latitude corresponds to the "y" axis and Longitude corresponds to the "x" axis. This sample gives an example of adding graphics using lat/long: arcgis-runtime-samples-qt/GOSymbols.cpp at master · Esri/arcgis-runtime-samples-qt · GitHub 

I hope that helps,


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Thanks for answer.

I can understand very well.

I'm going to figure out which way to do it.





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