Error with WFS: Unable to open EPSG support file gcs.csv

05-20-2020 10:35 AM
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I'm trying to display a WFS feature layer and am getting this error when running:
ERROR 4: Unable to open EPSG support file gcs.csv. Try setting the GDAL_DATA environment variable to point to the directory containing EPSG csv files.

I don't understand the suggestion. I tried it and it doesn't work, but it's irrelevant anyway. This is not a build error but runtime, and it must work on android and ios. I have no clue where to go next. I've been on this for a while and have made zero progress.

This is the service:

And I get the error even in sample code such as this Browse WFS layers | ArcGIS for Developers 

The wfs from that sample works, I guess it doesn't need this "EPSG support file", but that is of no help to me.

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Esri Contributor

Hello Carel,

In few cases our WFS support relies GDAL_DATA path to pick up special EPSG parameters and users would need to download it themselves. 

Can you please give this a try and see if it works for you?



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The problem is I need to have this on android and ios. How do I do this on those platforms?

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