Can callout data used with MapGraphicsView QT

12-17-2020 04:43 AM
New Contributor II

Hello Team,

Can you please tell us how to load call out data in MapGraphicsView QT.

As we are not using QML.



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Esri Contributor

Currently, there is now widget equivalent for the Callout class.

Having said that, the Callout is only a thin view of a CalloutData, which contains the text, image, and screen position of where it should be displayed.

You can access CalloutData by calling `CalloutData* MapGraphicsView::calloutData()`, and write your own widget -- the key being to display it on the screen at the location provided.

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New Contributor II

I don't see  callout widget .I do have data  for every location which I need to show over map view.

Can you suggest how display it Over MapGraphics View.

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