Invalid ArcGISRuntime deployment, unable to load native dll

12-05-2016 03:04 AM
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I'm trying to create a test project to help me migrate from 10.2.7 to 100.0.0, I am getting the following exception when all I have is a MapView with a name.

Additional information: Invalid ArcGISRuntime deployment, unable to load native dll. Maybe a missing native dependency, checking with dependency walker may help resolve this issue. C:\Users\aaron.murphy\Documents\Visual Studio 2013\Projects\WpfApplication1\WpfApplication1\bin\Release\arcgisruntime100.0\client32\RuntimeCoreNet.dll

The dll exists, what's the issue guys?

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Haha... Figures... I had the prefer 32-bit checked... it generates a client 64 folder now.  Thanks!

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Just to clarify for anyone watching this thread, I encountered three different problems.  The first provides this error:

Error initializing ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment. 
Unable to find ArcGISRuntime deployment folder. To create a deployment run the ArcGISRuntime Deployment Tool to create a folder called arcgisruntime100.0. Place this in the same folder as your exe, or set the ArcGISRuntimeEnvironment.InstallPath to point to a different location.
This deployment folder must contain sub-folders matching your process architecture. For developers you can also install the ArcGIS Runtime .Net SDK, which includes a deployment folder.‍

For me this indicated that the ArcGISRuntime100.0 folder was not in my deployment a.k.a not in the same directory as my exe.  I altered my .csproj file to make sure that those folders are copied from the output in bin/Release to the deployment directory with everything else.

The second issue provides this error:

Invalid ArcGISRuntime deployment, unable to load native dll. 
Maybe a missing native dependency, checking with dependency walker may help resolve this issue. ‍

Which means that I was missing the VC++ Redistributable.  There are several options for fixing that, you can include the appropriate DLLs, if this is within your licensing from Microsoft.  Or you can set up the appropriate VC++ runtime as a prerequisite in the installer, or you can just have the user download and install it from Microsoft.  Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from Official Microsoft Download Center 

The third issue was that my bin/Release folder only contained the client32 folder (and should have contained a client64).  I fixed this by unchecking the "Prefer 32-bit" box on the Build tab of the project properties.  After that when I selected the appropriate platform target, the correct folders were placed in the bin/Release folder.


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Another anecdote that might be helpful here. We had a developer using Visual Studio 2012 that ran into this error. I am running Visual Studio 2015, so I didn't get the error ... because the C++ redistributable libraries were already installed. Bottom line is if you are running a version of Visual Studio prior to 2015, you will most likely see this error, and the solution (as you stated above) is to install the restributable libraries.

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The error should have been improved in more recent releases to point out the lack of the VCLibs missing.

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How did you solve point 1? What did you change in youc csproj-file?