DynamicLayerInfos and GenerateRendererTask renderer legend

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10-24-2014 01:26 AM
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We are trying to add thematic analysis by using following items:

- DynamicLayerInfos.

- QueryTableDataSource with custom SQL query targeting a custom WorkspaceID (SQL Server).

- GenerateRendererTask with UniqueValueDefinition classification.

Previously with the SDK for WPF we were able to change the UniqueValueRenderer infos label generated by the renderer task.

This was necessary because using UniqueValueDefinition, there was no way to define which associated label to use within the legend control.

With the SDK for .Net, our previous code no longer works.

If we change a property on the renderer generated by the GenerateRendererTask, the dynamic layer is no longer displayed on the map.

We don't know if we are doing thematic analysis the right way but we would like to add some functionality found within ArcMap 10.2.2 to our WPF application.

Any help will be very appreciate.


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Thanks Dominique.

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