What are the details regarding the RasterType?

03-22-2017 07:09 AM
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I'm currently trying to add a number of DTED tiles (not always the same tiles or the same number) as a layer to a Map using ArcGIS Runtime for .NET (v100.0). The three RasterType values of greatest interest are 'Raster', 'MosaicDatasetRaster' and 'GeopackageRaster'. I was recently able to create an ElevationSource from multiple raster files in order to query elevation from a Surface. Is there an analog for a Raster object to be displayed in a RasterLayer? Specifically:

  1. Can the RasterType 'Raster' be used to do this? (My research to date indicates that it may only be possible to use this type for a single raster file, rather than a collection.)
  2. I know that a Mosaic Dataset (of multiple files) can be created in a file geodatabase, but didn't think the Runtime could consume data from a file geodatabase. So, what type of Mosaic Dataset is being referred to by the 'MosaicDatasetRaster' type?
  3. I was able to use the Desktop Create SQLite Database tool to create an empty SQLite geopackage (.gpkg) database. Are there any tools for adding raster files to one of these databases?
  4. Is the 'Unknown' RasterType an option? Has anyone used the 'Unknown' type to represent raster data in a layer?

Any insights on any of these questions will be much appreciated. Thanks!


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Raster mosaics will be supported in v100.1

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