Webmap vs map service Labels

09-01-2016 11:36 AM
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Has anyone using ArcGIS Server map services in webmaps had success controling labels in the webmap?  

  • When I publish an ArcGIS server map service with labeling off I can create labels in the webmap and they render in the Online map viewer, however they do not in the ArcGIS Runtime's MapView.  
  • If publish an ArcGIS Server map service with labels on then they do show up in the Runtime Map View, but I can't turn them off.  Removing labels in the webmap works for the Online map viewer, but the Runtime MapView again ignores the webmap's labeling properties.  

In short, the ArcGIS Runtime MapView seems to completely ignore label properties specified in the webmap and only respect those of map service.  If there's a solution that I'm overlooking please let me know.



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Just noticed the WebMap labels are ignored.  Seems a pretty big deficiency to me.  It gives you no way to have different label configurations if they need to be done at the service level 

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Hi Matt,

Webmap labels are supported - we'll need to investigate why they are not working in this scenario.

Is your webmap public, or can you share the JSON of the webmap?

You can switch off labels in a map image layer by iterating the sub layers and setting the property ArcGISMapImageSublayer.LabelsEnabled Property.



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The behavior as described is exactly what I see.  I had a WebMap with labeling defined in the WebMap but not on the service.  When I load the WebMap in Runtime (100.4) no labels appear.  I just went back and added labels into the Map in Pro and republished the service, the labels now show-up.  Even if the labels are turned off in the WebMap it honors the labeling defined on the service.



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