Webmap layer defined labels not showing in MapView

02-17-2016 08:54 AM
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I'm unable to get labels to render in my MapView.  The source Feature Layer is not configured for labeling but I did check the 'Label Features' in the Webmap layer.  The labels do render in the browser Map Viewer but do not render in my .Net application.  The only option that I can find in the API are properties on the MapView object:

            this.MyMapView.Labeling.IsAnimationEnabled = true;

            this.MyMapView.Labeling.IsEnabled = true;

Setting these to true is not causing labels to render. 

I've inspected the JSON of the Webmap and the labeling info is properly written out in the Layer Definition.  I've inspected the incoming operational layers from the WebmapViewModel and I can't find any labeling properties in the Layer Definition.

I'm using ArcGIS Runtime for .NET 10.2.6.

Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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