Usage of ImportGeodatabaseDeltaAsync

04-07-2017 09:59 AM
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Has anyone used the ImportGeodatabaseDeltaAsync method on GeodatabaseSyncTask?

I'm trying to find out how to generate a delta database but don't see how to do it anywhere!!

Thanks in advance for your help.


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You would use ArcGIS Server's REST interface to do this. It's made for a custom workflow where you have the same offline database on multiple devices, but just want to create a single delta, store it somewhere, and then push it out to all the clients. There are no Runtime APIs to do this, as this is a workflow that is done at the backend.

Normally you'll use the standard sync workflow which will do all that work under the covers.

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Hi Morten,

exactly this custom workflow is what I need. I think it would be helpful to add a functionality to the SDK to create delta packages or to add any desktop toolbox to do this. We see a pre planned workflow in many of our projects and if this will be one possible solution, it would be good to have this tools.

Could you also follow my link above and answer my questions? Thanks in advance!

Kind regards


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