Tile Cache vs Tile Package

06-28-2021 11:43 AM
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In congruence to a another question I have recently posted, I'm trying to find the best way to save a map to my local system ad be able to use it in an application. I know that a tile package would offer more benefits, but all I'm needing is to save a map offline (locally) and use it in an app. Would a tile cache be sufficient or is it recommended to use tile package?

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Hi @johnmarker,

The Runtime TileCache is the type that we use to read and display tiles from a local tile package (.tpk or .tpkx) on the device. You would construct the TileCache with the path to your tile package file and use that to construct an ArcGISTiledLayer. That layer can then be displayed in your application's map or scene view.


Note that the tileCache above works for raster tile packages (.tpk) but there is an equivalent workflow for vector tiles: construct a VectorTileCache with a local vector tile package (.vtpk) and use it to create an ArcGISVectorTileLayer


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