Syncing problems

10-29-2015 04:23 PM
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Hi all,

We've had syncing issues in the past but this is the first time that I actually get a null GeodatabaseStatusInfo

in my syncCompleteCallback(GeodatabaseStatusInfo statusInfo, Exception ex).

The interesting thing is that in the syncProgress.ProgressChanged += (sender, info) =>

The GeodatabaseStatusInfo is not null.

Nonetheless, we still seem to get issues with syncing generally. We've talked to ESRI stuff in the past and mentioned all should be good after the latest release but in reality we cannot sync back quite a few times.

The error is usually "Error code '500' : 'Unable to synchronize replica'. Importing delta data changes failed."

Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.

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Syncing has been an ordeal for us as well.  We have found that 500 errors result from bad geometries.  We had analysts creating slivers while clipping polygons in ArcMap.  Deleting the slivers got the sync back on track.  Our data isn't versioned, but you might try reconciling and posting all versions and check geometries.

We have gotten just about every sync error imaginable and had ESRI pretty stumped.  Moving our SDE database and AGS to 10.3.1, upgrading our app to 10.2.6 and throwing more RAM at our web server seems to have solved most of our 400 errors.  There were no specific bug fixes that applied to us, but everything has run much smoother in the last month.

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