ServiceFeatureTable.QueryFeatureCountAsync and ServiceFeatureTable.QueryFeaturesAsync fails.

10-05-2021 08:13 PM
New Contributor

I need to query features from ArcGISMapImageSublayer's feature table. Sublayer originated from MPKX map package through MapLocalService. Any attempt to call QueryFeatureCountAsync or QueryFeaturesAsync fails with ArcGISWebException: resultRecordCount has to be positive exception (see attached screenshot). 

No exception/error entries in local server log. No error dump. Call just fails with mentioned exception.

Layer properly visualized in MapView (WPF control hosed in WinForms UserControl).

Application: C#, .Net Framework 4.8, WinForms

ArcGisRuntime 100.12.0; ArcGisRuntime Local Services 100.12.0

Any suggestions what may lead to such behavior?

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