SceneView Basemap with Local Files

09-24-2018 11:03 AM
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I am working on adding 3D functionality to an existing runtime application. I am on version 100.3 of the SDK. I am trying to create a SceneView with a Basemap from local files as the app is built to work completely disconnected from the internet. The Basemap.Create... static methods require an internet connection. I have tried creating a local basemap with the new Basemap(Layer) constructor, as well as passing a Layer as a BaseLayer or a ReferenceLayer. In all attempts all I got back was a blank globe with grid lines. 

Is it possible to add local files as a basemap in a sceneview? 

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What format and spatial reference are your local files in? 

The Scene/SceneView supports raster/image tiled (.tpk file) in either WGS84 or Web Mercator.



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I had tried a couple files that I just went back over now. 

- I had a blue marble tif that upon loading into arcmap appears to be incorrectly formatted, which explains why that fails.
- I also had a blue marble tpk that is in 4326, but it's extent is defined -260, 273 bottom to top and similar values for left in right, which may explain why that fails.

- Upon loading another blue marble tif that was in 4326 and correct extent values, I was able to get imagery on the map.


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