Saving map with layer using UniqueValueRenderer

04-13-2020 02:38 PM
New Contributor

I am using the .Net SDK to draw different colored temperature markers on a map where the color of the marker corresponds to the temperature. This seems to work fine in my desktop .Net application. However, I also have a function to save the current desktop map as a web map, using the Map.SaveAsAsync function. The created web map does not include the UniqueValues items that were added to the UniqueValueRenderer, i.e. all of the temperature markers are displayed in their default color. An examination of the JSON code for the web map showed that there was no "uniqueValueInfos" data included. I am wondering if either (1) I am doing something wrong or neglecting to do something in creating the web map or (2) unique value rendering is not supported by web maps created using the Map.SaveAsAsync function? 

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