Runtime Map Package Supported File Types

12-09-2015 09:28 AM
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Is there a list somewhere of supported file types that can be included in a Runtime map package? It would be helpful for our test team to see a list of specific file extensions that can be used in a Runtime-enabled .mpk as well as in the Local Server. I found the list of supported raster file types for the local server, but I'd also like to see a list of supported vector file types. I found a deprecation plan for ArcGIS for Desktop that says that SDCs are deprecated after 10.2, but a single comprehensive list of supported types would be very helpful so we know specifically what to prevent the user from trying to add in our Runtime application since error messages from the SDK are generally either vague or nonexistent.

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Esri Frequent Contributor

For non-local server we support Runtime Geodatabases for vector data and Tile Packages (.tpk)

Both can be created with ArcGIS Server (check out data) or Pro (pre-provisioning)

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