"The parameters need repair" when using gpk

06-03-2015 07:58 AM
New Contributor

I need to show a heatmap in Runtime for .NET and for that I created a Geoprocessing package from the Kernel Density tool in ArcMap 10.3. I checked "Support ArcGIS Runtime" and I have tried with combinations of the "Package schema only" and "Include Enterprise Geodatabase data instead of referencing the data". Also tried with Buffer, same result.

Starting Local server-service works fine and results are returned (while not Succeded) using SubmitJobAsync(). But after a short time the results statuscode becomes failed and gives message "ERROR 000820: The parameters need repair."

I'm not sure exactly how to configure the parameterlist, but have tried everything I can think of now. Have someone else had issues with this?

Using ArcGIS Runtime for .NET 10.2.4 and also tried 10.2.5 with same result. Deployment.arcisruntimemanifest is configured with local server. Temporarily I'm using developer license.

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