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04-28-2021 08:18 AM
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Hi there

We're currently trying to allow search for field contents on subtype sublayers. While we're able to display the SubtypeFeatureLayers as well as its sublayers being deployed in a webmap or a mobile map, we're somehow struggling to find a suitable approach for querying data from the sublayers.

What would be the correct way of getting a "table" per sublayer? Of course we can access the sublayer's parent layer and grab the ServiceFeatureTable there (copying its url and create a new instance of it) and assign a definition expression to it. But is this the intended approach?
The DefinitionExpression on the SubtypeSublayer is always empty, the MapServiceSublayerInfo is always null.


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SubtypeSublayers only controls display.  In order to query a SubtypeSublayers you will have to query the SubtypeFeaturelayer's table.  To narrow down data for the SubtypeSublayer, you can set the where clause in the QueryParameters to include a check for the subtype code .

((ArcGISFeatureTable)subtypeFeatureLayer.FeatureTable).LayerInfo.SubtypeField + " = " + subtypeSublayer.Subtype.Code   

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Hi Tom

Thanks for your reply. That's the way we're doing it right now. Although it works for most of our use cases, it's a bit cumbersome sometimes. And it behaves completly different than the way it does in ArcGIS Pro (where the Subtype Group Layer effectively gets treated as a group layer, does not offer any feature access but through its Subtype Layers). Is there any chance that the API might be adapted or extended to offer a way to access subtype group/featuer layers as "kind-of" group layers? If so, what would be the expected time frame/version?

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