Problem with OAuth using gmail account in AGOL with enterprise login

12-17-2019 12:11 PM
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I'm having a strange behavior with the authentification in Xamarin Forms.

When calling AuthenticationManager.Current.GenerateCredentialAsync and trying to login in enterprise with an Gmail or Hotmail address, I receive an TaskCanceledException . The authentification doesn't event ask me a password.

When I'm using my it's working

In the Agol web site  I'm not having any trouble logging with my gmail Adrress (via enterprise connection)

My configuration

an Agol configure with Enterprise login (Federated AzureAD)

User added in AGOL with entrepriseID (not esri agol account)

Can easyly be reproduce with

  arcgis-runtime-samples-dotnet , project ArcGISRuntime.Xamarin.Forms.iOS

   changre ServerUrl to https://<YouAGOL>

   Change your AppClientId

is it normal or have i done something wrong

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