Problem with non-geographic raster layer

02-24-2017 09:42 PM
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Does .NET Runtime 100 support non-geographic (without defined spatial reference) raster layers? 

I tried to display an image as a base layer

MapView.Map = new Map();

MapView.Map.Basemap.BaseLayers.Add(new RasterLayer(@"D:\land.png"));

After raster layer is successfully loaded, layer has spatial reference with wkid = 0.

Also, can I set spatial reference with wkid = 0 when I initialize Map?

MapView.Map = new Map(SpatialReference.Create(0));


Thank you in advance for your help

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Your raster data will need some spatial reference information: to define where it is and what reference system the coordinates are in. If your raster data does not have any geo-referencing information embedded in the file and does not have any associated geo-referencing information in external files then you can create a world file. For more info see World files for raster datasets—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 



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Thanks for the information.

Does it mean that only geo-referenced maps (with associated coordinate system) can be used with ArcGIS Runtime 100?

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