Problem with mouse coordinates in 2D (MapView).

08-29-2016 08:59 AM
New Contributor

.Net 4.5, ArcGIS 10.2.7, WPF application.

Our application overrides ArcGIS mouse actions for compatibility with other formats.  I am using 2D (MapView) and 3D (SceneView).  I have set MapView.InteractionOptions.IsEnabled to false.  Most functions work fine.  However, when I double-click on a Graphic the coordinates returned on the first click are correct.  However, after the first click ArcGIS generates a MouseMoved message with the coordinates set to -1, -80.  The double-click message has these coordinates as well.  Doing this with 3D (SceneView) works correctly.  Any ideas how to fix this behavior or a workaround?  My control that hosts the MapView control is trapping MouseDown, MouseDoubleClick, and MouseMove messages (NOT PreviewMouseDown, PreviewDoubleClick, and PreviewMouseMove).  Thanks.

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