Override th ImageTiledLayer in version 100.1

07-21-2017 05:02 AM
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In January I asked for overloading ImageTiledLayer in WPF API v 100.0. In summary  

with same tile info ImageTiledLayer.GetTileDataAsync is never invoked, but ServiceImageTiledLayer.GetTileUriAsync is invoked correctly.  The result was that I used ServiceImageTiledLayer.

In release notes for version 100.1 is:

"Also, custom tiled layers can be created by sub-classing ImageTiledLayer and its subclass, ServiceImageTiledLayer. These two abstract classes expose protected abstract methods to either fetch tile images or return the URL of the tile images".

So I tried use ImageTiledLayer, but GetTileDataAsync is never called.

Can you please provide an example with functional overriding of ImageTiledLayer?


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There's an example of a custom tiled layer here: https://community.esri.com/thread/187238-how-do-i-add-an-wmts-layer

This is the service image tiled layer, but should be the same for the image tiled layer (except you return a byte[] instead of image url).

The reason GetTileData isn't called is most likely because of providing the incorrect TileInfo, or the spatial reference doesn't match that of your mapview.

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