Offline VTPK in runtime 100.4 (.NET WPF)

02-26-2019 04:12 AM
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As far as we know VTPK file consists (mainly) of bundle files wherein PBF tiles are stored.

We'd like to load specific tiles (in PBF files) from VTPK file loaded into runtime objects (knowing row, column and current zoom level).
We were able to do that with raster TPK using TileCache and it's method GetTileData.
We're using runtime 100.4 (.NET WPF).
There seems to be no way of doing this with VectorTileCache, where VTPK can be loaded into (or from layer object having this cache - ArcGISVectorTiledLayer).

Are we missing something?
Maybe there is another way of accessing those vector tiles?

Thanks for any help.

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No there's no way to load specific tiles into the view from a VTPK. I'm curious why you need to do this? Could you share some more details, so we can look into if there's some overall scenario we're missing (or an existing workflow that would be better to use)

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We're checking the possibillity of moving from old WPF app into web (using esri javascript API there).

The problem is - we need to support all the features we already have in WPF - like offline maps (raster TPK and new vector VTPK).

By offline I mean our web server will be available but ArcGIS services might not be (due to internet connection lost) and user will then switch to some of his offline (file) maps.

We found a way to support TPK files. We can serve tiles from our backend (using TileCache and it's method GetTileData) and consume them using esri javascript API in the browser.

We can't find a way to do the same with VTPK files...

If we won't be able to deliver all the features we have in WPF we won't get a green light to move to web so we're very interested in making it possible :-).

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