Offline Basemap Strategies (v100.0/WPF)

04-14-2017 07:29 AM
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I'm looking for advice/guidance on strategies for offline basemaps.

After some investigation I've been able to generate a tile package (using Pro and Create Map Tile Package geoprocessing tool) using the tiled basemap services designed for export ( However, there seems to be a practical limit to both package generation time and size. 9 Levels for the whole world street map using 8-bit PNG took 68 minutes and 2.4Gb. Currently waiting for 10 levels to finish, but I'm guessing it will be > 4Gb.

Does anyone have data on how big a tile package for the whole world would be at each of the levels? I don't think we need all 20, but 14 might be good enough.

So questions about alternative approaches:

  • Is it possible to package or download the vector basemaps for offline use?
  • Has anyone generated a vector tile package (.vtpk) using the OSM data?

Are there any other offline basemap strategies or approaches that I haven't listed?

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Each level is 4 times bigger than the previous. You can ask the server to estimate the size via the API: ExportTileCacheTask.EstimateTileCacheSize Method. For more info also see Plan a map cache—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise.

In a future release we plan to provide support for exporting vector tile caches. Vector tile caches provide significant benefits in terms of time taken to cache/export and size on disk.



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Thanks Mike! Is exporting vector tile caches on the list for the next release or is it some yet-to-be-determined "future release?"

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