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03-08-2019 07:38 PM
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Rex Hansen seriously annoyed me at the Runtime Road Ahead session Thursday, by asserting that mobile map packages do not currently store group layer info for 2D maps.  All you have to do is look at the JSON in the corresponding .mmap file, and you can easily parse that information.  I've taken the liberty to attach an example.

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When creating Mobile Map Packages, it is true that the group layer information is written into the MMAP.  However, the Runtime does not read this information from the MMAP all layers within the groups are processed as a single flat list, "the parents are ignored."  We do want the Runtime to support and read this information in a future release.


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Hi Mark, 

   My sincere apologies for annoying you - that was not my intention.  It was however my intention to provide you with an accurate answer to your question about support for use of group layers in a mmpk by ArcGIS Runtime.   In this context, it is important to understand the need for representing the content of a map or scene in a spec.  A common spec means information can be persisted and shared in a common way, across products and platforms.  In the Road Ahead session I mentioned that group layer is not present in the web map or mobile map spec.   The web map spec is public; the mobile map spec is a superset of the web map spec and is not public.  The mobile map spec is designed to advertise a map definition for offline/encapsulated workflows with Runtime, thus it is present in a mmpk.  Unfortunately ArcGIS Pro 2.3 writes group layers into a mobile map without appropriate representation in the spec or complimentary support in Runtime.   We intend to review the group layer definition for the mobile map spec to 1) match what is in the web scene spec where it makes sense and 2) migrate to the web map spec in the near future.  We should be able to properly support group layer within the mobile map spec in Pro 2.4 and a Runtime release later this year. 


  • Is it possible that the group layer definition written into the mobile map by Pro 2.3 remains as is in Pro 2.4.  This will become more clear as we complete the review of the group layer spec for the mobile and web map. 
  • Currently when ArcGIS Runtime encounters a group layer in a mobile map (in a mmpk), the group layer will be ignored and the layers it contains will be flattened (as if the group layer was not present).   

Let me know if you have any further questions. 



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Fine.  I've attached a simple example demonstrating my current workaround.

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