Licensing Arcgis runtime

05-18-2018 10:32 AM
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I have built a map application using Arcgis .NET Runtime SDK in WPF. With the features in it, I know that I need to get altleast Standard Runtime License and am planning to do so after understanding how licensing works properly. I will be providing my clients the map application integrated with some other software (not deploying to any marketplace). I looked at License your app—ArcGIS Runtime SDK for .NET (WPF) | ArcGIS for Developers  and found that licenses can be applied by adding couple of lines of code. Couple of questions below:

- How does licensing work if I have to give the application to multiple clients? Is it per computer based? 

- The link above also states that customers are required to track the number of ArcGIS runtime license use. Is there a way to track it through the Esri account that I buy the license with?( Note: I don't want clients to have to enter the licenses so "License key" in the code seems better option). 

Any help appreciated. 


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