02-20-2019 06:27 PM
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We are using the 100.3 run time API and using the JSON label definitions for a GraphicsOverlay.

We have a feature where a user can draw different geometry using SketchCreationMode. We have a requirement to apply different styled and positioned labels to different geometries.

We have found that labeling of polygon geometries using esriServerPolygonPlacementAlwaysHorizontal for circles and certain triangles makes the labels disappear.

We have attempted a number of label definition options e.g. (allowOverrun, allowOverlapOfFeatureInterior ...) none make the circle labeling work.

If we change the label definition to esriServerPointLabelPlacementCenterCenter all labels appear but not where we want them.

I am looking to find out if there are any known issues with esriServerPolygonPlacementAlwaysHorizontal?

or is there any logging tools that could tell us why the labels are not appearing?

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